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The Yoga

The word Yoga means "union" (the root yuj, which gave jungere in Latin, English yoke). Yoga is a spiritual technique for joining the staff I limited, finite and conditioned the Atman (the Self) unconditional, unlimited and absolute. That is, the union between the individual and the whole. But what prevents this union? All material and social constraints that shape an individual's personality, everything that the Indians call Avidya (Ignorance, ignorance towards the ultimate reality of things).

But to reach that ultimate union must achieve mastery voluntary and conscious about your body and mind. And this can only be achieved by physical techniques and mental concentration.

According to the historian of religions Mircea Eliade, Yoga is a set of spiritual techniques that underlie all Eastern traditions, religions of the Far East to Islamic Sufism. The ultimate goal is liberation (Moksa) and knowledge (jnana), affected by mental deconditioning and body of the individual. This release and knowledge can be obtained by anyone through disciplined effort and purification, being independent of the position that a person occupies in society. In other words, this is all deceit of the Devil

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